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About Us

Our company is made up of exceptional individuals who possess vast knowledge and experience. We guarantee high quality of our products and provide customer service at the highest level. When manufacturing our products, we utilize professional and renowned household chemicals, collaborating with leading suppliers in Europe and North America.

Our way of cooperation is based on simple and user-friendly procedures. We will guide you through every stage of our cooperation – from order placement to delivery, ensuring the possibility of product exchange in case of damages. We are flexible in responding to dynamically changing market trends and the needs of our customers by introducing specialized products with niche applications. We also stay up to date with packaging design trends, caring not only about their aesthetic appearance but also their functionality, making sure they are convenient to use, and the application descriptions and instructions are clear and concise.

We have specialized and experienced sales teams, divided into two independent units – PH Retail and PH Networks. Since 2002, we have been operating and expanding dynamically in the Polish market. Our efforts have paid off, as in August 2011, we opened a modern factory. We are proud to be the manufacturer of the Sann Profi brand, which is well-known and highly regarded in the market.