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Garden and terrace

Products for protecting, cleaning and systematic care of garden and terrace surfaces and equipment

Clinker oil impregnant

Professional impregnating agent designed for preserving clinker surfaces (elevations, tiles, bricks).…
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Clean grill

Professional agent to clean burnt and blackened spots, grease stains from…
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Rust remover

Specially designed agent to remove rusty streaks from glazed, gres, clinker,…
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Protective impregnant for absorbent surfaces

Professional impregnant designed to protect absorbent and porous surfaces of ceramic,…
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Clean cobblestones

Specially formulated agent – removes oil, lubricants, soot and other dirt.…
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Clean clinker

Specially formulated agent to clean clinker surfaces. If used regularly, reduces…
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Cleaner composite boards

Effectively and gently cleans both balcony and terrace panels, as well…
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Facade cleaning – concentrate

The liquid is intended for outdoor use, for cleaning building structures.…
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