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Grout protection

Grout is vulnerable feature, exposed to persistent stains, which are visible especially on light grout. Grout exposed to moisture create perfect environment for germs and mould, which are exceptionally hard to remove.

In order to avoid problems with removing stubborn dirt from grout, it is worthwhile to impregnate it with SannProfi Grout Protection. It is perfect for floor, as well as wall tiles. The product has special protective properties. When applied, it forms an invisible barrier against moisture, fat, rust tarnish, limescale and other stains. It protects grout against rinsing and hampers mould growth. It is silicone free, allows grout to “breathe” and is safe for the colour.

Impregnation should be repeated every once in a while, depending on how often the surface is used.

Always remember to clean grout surface thoroughly  before each impregnation. SannProfi Clean Grout is the perfect product for that purpose. Avoid leaving the impregnant to dry on tiles, or other surfaces bordering on the weld.

Unique protective film  secures the cabin from settling of harmful tarnish, which can be destructive to its surface. Regular application of the product allows to keep the shower cabin clean. For the product to be fully effective, before each impregnation, the surface of the  shower cabin should be thoroughly cleaned, best with SannProfi EXTRA product. Avoid leaving the impregnant to dry on tiles, or other surfaces bordering on the shower cabin. The product should not be applied on metal surfaces. The product should be spread evenly.

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