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Shower cabin impregnation

Shower cabin surface is exposed to destructive effect of soap, bath oil, shampoo residue and most difficult to remove-limescale tarnish. Old build-ups permeate into shower cabin surface leaving permanent marks of streaks and smudges.

In order to protect shower cabins, those made of glass, as well as of polymer, it is good to, once in a while, impregnate those most exposed surfaces. SannProfi Shower Cabin Impregnant is the perfect product for that purpose.

Impregnation  should be repeated every once in a while, depending on how often the shower cabin is used. Always remember to clean cabin surface thoroughly  before each impregnation. SannProfi EXTRA is the best product for that purpose. Avoid leaving the impregnant to dry on tiles, or other surfaces bordering on the shower cabin. The agent should not be applied on metal surfaces. Spread the product evenly.

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