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Removing stains from carpet and fitted carpet

Carpets and fitted carpets make the interior look cosy. Unfortunately, keeping this kind of flooring clean demands much more work than cleaning tiles or laminate flooring. Coffee, tea, red wine, juice, oil and fat stains constitute biggest problem and require special treatment and extra caution.

For stains removal we highly recommend SannProfi Carpet Stain Remover.  It is suitable for carpets, fitted carpets, mats, textile doormats and upholsteries. The product does not contain caustic substances, therefore it is safe for fibrefill materials and wool. Owing to its unique formula, the product separates dirt from cleaned fabric. It protects the fabric, restores its natural colours and successfully removes unpleasant smell.

It is easy and comfortable  to use, as the cleaned surface does not require rinsing. Product residue is removed along with dirt by means of vacuum cleaner.

Fitted carpet stain remover

Specialist agent to remove stubborn stains and dirt from fitted carpets,…
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