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Impregnation of polished and non-polished tile floor

Kitchen floor is especially subject to permeation of dirt, fat and moisture. Most vulnerable to stains of this kind are Gres tiles and unglazed ceramic tiles of all description.  In order to protect them from permanent stains it is worthwhile to apply SannProfi Glazed Tiles Protection product.

It protects tiles from permeation of dirt, fat and moisture. It conserves original colour and enhances tile structure. Forms an invisible barrier protecting form stains and stubborn dirt. The product is also recommended for clinker, sandstone, marble, terracotta and granite.

Before you start impregnating, consult the Producer whether the tile surface has been protected. In case it is hot wax, it should be removed by means of protective layer remover and only then the surface can be impregnated.  If the tiles have been impregnated by the Producer, THEY SHOULD NOT BE IMPREGNATED AGAIN. Impregnation may be performed after a few months (depending on intensity of use). Before impregnation, clean the surface thoroughly and perform a test on a less visible spot.

Non-polished gres tiles impregnation

With special protective properties. After application, creates invisible barrier against dampness,…
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